Being the ambitious creative with a short attention span that I am …with various and vast inspirations, passions and experience across multiple mediums, I have decided to only showcase some of my most recent and/or favourite works to date.



Live Events





“Remastered - Masters Of The Universe” - 2022
Curated by Eddie Zammit. Melbourne, Australia 

“Lemonade” Group Show - 2022
Curated by Honey Bones Gallery. Melbourne, Australia“

Delta Instatrips” Campaign - 2017
Curated by Weiden + Kennedy. Los Angeles, USA

“The Unofficial Bootleg Bart Art Show” - 2015
Curated by Be Street. Paris, France.

“Melbourne Spring Fashion Week” - 2014
Curated by Dean Sunshine, Melbourne, Australia

“Love & Guts” Group Show - 2014
Curated by Bowl-A-Rama. Sydney, Australia

The People’s Market” Group Show - 2014
Curated by Mo Preston. Melbourne, Australia.

Big Day Out Festival - 2014
Curated by Diamond Dozen/Vans. Melbourne, Australia

“All Your Walls” Street Art Show - 2013
Melbourne, Australia. Curated by Dean Sunshine

“Man Up” Ambush Gallery - 2012
Curated by Deb. Melbourne, Australia

“Strange Wolf Group Show” - 2012
Curated by Strange Wolf. Melbourne, Australia