Steen Jones is an Australian based tattoo-inspired artist who loves, lives and breathes his work.

Classic and bold designs heavily inspired by the industry he devoted his adolescence to. If you’ve seen him before - paint covered knuckles, tattooed from his head to his feet - this will not surprise you.

His highly sought after style and work ethic in the field continues to inspire confidence in his clients and admiration among his peers while he blurs the lines between commercial and fine art.

Steen's iconic work can be found all over the world - from 6 story murals in Sydney to elevator shafts in private residences in Brisbane to world famous street art laneways in Melbourne to the streets of NYS to billboards in Los Angeles to even covering one of Pablo Escobar abandoned mansions in Columbia.

Steen is a firm believer of “the harder you work, the luckier you get” - which is reflective and reinforced with his forever growing and impressive list of top tier collaborations and clientele - with Lego, Rolling Stone Magazine, Grey Goose Vodka and Jack Daniels to name a few.