Artist, Adventurer, Dreamer & Achiever.

I was a lost soul until I found my passion - which lead me to founding Few and Far Collective, Few and Far Studio, Few and Far Co and Deathproof Bar. It’s been a wild ride, but my career hasn’t been all glory though… If I didn’t break my hand that night or almost end up in jail – I probably would never have fallen in love with tattooing or be where I am today.

I’ve innovated, dominated and been obliterated – and almost quit as many times as I’ve failed. I’ve won and I’ve lost – gone further, reached higher and crashed harder than most. I’ve picked myself up, clawed my way back and risked it all more times than I can count. I’ve paved a way for others while ironically sometimes losing my own, which wasn’t hard to do given most of my career has been on the road. I’ve been around the world and to hell and back – and can finally say that I’m proud of who I am and where I’m at.

My career hasn’t been easy, but I’ve always worked hard and made my own luck. The secret to my success is never giving in and always showing up. I’ve always felt like I’ve had something to prove, so I’ve lived my life like I’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose…

The best is yet to come.


My think-tank, pride and joy & Australia’s first and only professional fine art printing company dedicated to the tattoo industry. Few and Far Studio is run by artists, forward-thinkers and professional printers - and the brains, design, marketing & manufacturing team behind our sister companies & in-house brands.

We’ve recently opened our doors to the public & are proud to have already rubbed shoulders with Bonds, New Era, Sailor Jerry & Tony Hawk.

Shipping worldwide & leading the pack since 2013.

“Our work speaks for itself” - Sailor Jerry


Our founding, art-driven clothing brand, Few and Far Collective was born in 2013.

The name was inspired by “Few and Far Between” as back then, with social media just starting, there wasn’t really any artist merchandise out there… or a market for one - so I started the brand.

The mission was to bridge gaps between artists and create, for lack of the better word, cool shit - and that’s what we did. We prided ourselves on our quality, originality and authenticity - and our reputation, string of top tier collaborations and 25,000+ orders reinforce that. After that - and achieving everything we set out to do it - it was time to retire the brand, reset and pursue our new goals and vision…

Few and Far Co is everything we loved and learned in one - and the first of it’s kind. Our commission-based model has been designed to not only help and support artists alike in creation, management and distribution - but is also designed to supply the world and collectors alike, with a trusted, educated and professional platform to discover, support and network.


Different, Dynamic & Delicious.

Deathproof was everything I loved all in one place …but much like myself, didn’t stay in one place for long…

Our focus was on art, our passions were creating unique & unforgettable activations. Our goal was to break moulds, make noise & have fun - and that’s exactly what we did…

Brisbane was where we first opened, Melbourne was our first interstate pop-up and Finland was our first (and arguably the world’s first) international pop-up (thanks Sailor Jerry!). We were also nominated as one of Australia’s top 10 new bars & and the first bar to ever collaborate officially with New Era.

Deathproof played by the rules but changed the game.

Shot by Jackson & Miles Muecke for Hype Group. Burleigh Heads, Queensland.

Instagram: @steen_jones