New Era “Trademark Skull”

When it comes to headwear, there’s no one bigger or better than New Era - so naturally, I had always hoped to collaborate with them.That said, I’m so damn stoked and blown away with this colab - not just because it was a first for me but also for the New Era brand here in Australia. Wild!

Whilst I had full creative freedom, I opted to keep it somewhat minimal, classic and clean. My “Trademark Skull” on the front was a no-brainer for me - and where I started. My ‘Unstoppable’ tagline had to be on there, too - which you can find embroidered in black opposite the NE ‘flying flag’ logo. The‘tan’ secondary colour however was completely left-field and something that was new for me and my branding. I just had a feeling it would work and look great - and I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out! Biggest thanks to Simon, Arthur and the rest of the New Era team.