Bonds Underwear Collection

First and foremost, I’d like to take a moment to thank Bonds for the amazing opportunity.Not only was this a huge deal and collaboration for me - it was such an honour and privilege to be Bonds’ first ever artist collaboration. Wild!

Next, I have to thank EVERYONE that supported this collection. I really can’t put into words how insane this was - and not just for me but also for Bonds, too. Finding out that we sold out out the entire collection Australia-wide within 2 weeks was just crazy. So grateful, thank you all so much!!!!

Design Process

Like everything, I start with a few messy concepts. Once I was ‘happy’ with the direction, I sent over to Bonds for approval.

Once approved, I painted the artworks before vectoring them into ‘print ready’ digital files.

Once the underwear was finalised, we then moved onto the finishing and other design assets side of things  - including things like packaging and launch collateral.

The Collection

As this was Bonds first ever external colab, there was admittedly and understandably quite a bit of test printing and sampling before we were both 100% happy with the product - which was worth every damn second because they all came out incredible.

Photos really don't do them or the details any justice.

Bonds expertise and workmanship really did shine here and take the collaboration to another and unprecendated level.

The Shoot

It was time to head to Melbourne for the webstore and promotional shoot.

We shot the products, campaign shots,launch assets, BTS media and some one on one stuff with me. It was a huge day - and live painting the ‘backdrop’ as quickly as I could in-between every look (whichwill make sense once you watch the videos) absolutely did no favours.

I had a great sleep on the plane on the way home that night tho…

Online Media Assets

Once everything was shot, we had the collateral we needed to finalise the ‘backend’ - which is things like launch and social media copy and assets.

Here are a few screen grabs for some example of what I mean. The campaign was pushed across all Bonds platforms, which covered their website, Facebook, Instagram and EDM.

Bonus Launch Assets

A last minute idea and little bonus for everyone -
which were all free to download.

Bondi Beach In-Store Activation

With the collaboration officially launched online and in-stores Australia-wide, it was time to head to my local Bonds store (Bondi Beach) for the physical launch!

As you can probably see, we didn’t spare any effort or expenses when it came to the in-store launch.

The window decal on the right was the media wall - with the window on the left being the window that I painted live during the event.

Just behind me (on the inside of the store) we had Sydney’s finest, Aisle 6 screen-printing exclusive tote bags and fine art prints live for the event. Inside as you can see below was kitted out with all kinds of cool displays.

Bonds Launch (Bondi Beach)

Truth be told, this was never a part of the plan and was another‘last minute idea’ idea and another cool detail, element and edge to the whole collaboration.

The mural/billboard was located smack bang in the middle of Bondi rd, Bondi Beach and was painted over 2 beautiful days.