Author Supply Co Gi

As the huge martial arts fan that I am, fusing both passions together has always been something I’ve hoped and wanted to do - and all thanks to Author Supply Co - it’s now a reality!

I’ve joined forces with them and designed my very own, signature Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi. 

EDIT - The collection is now SOLD OUT! Thank you everyone!!

Original Work

Product Showcase

The jacket is made from a hearty 480GSM pre shrunk, single pearl weave cotton - ensuring it can take the hardest of grips while maintaining integrity.

The internal finishing details have been printed and embroidered carefully to ensure a premium look and  feel - with an emphasis on wear and comfort.

The rip-stop pants have a thick nylon drawstring and double reinforced knee’s for smooth lower body mechanics.

The “Till The Bitter End” Gi is a limited edition of 50 - and each comes complete with an authenticity card with a FREE‘Not for Sale’ rash guard, keyring and carry bag.

Promo with Aaron Blackie

Some of my favourite shots from the promotional shoot with my boy, Dan Higgins brown belt and PFL lightweight, Aaron Blackie.

Thanks again brother.

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