Dunn Residence - Inside

Not long after painting the back, I was back to paint the garage, elevator and elevator shaft. Whilst the garage had it’s own difficulties, it was a walk in the park compared to the elevator - and not just because I’m somewhat claustrophobic and don’t particularly like spending to much time in them (for fear of them falling or getting stuck in them - which actually happened by the way as the lift got stuck between levels and I had to climb out through a little gap at the top of the door) but because I had to work on both sides of the 4 story shaft in 1.5m increments at a time it took around 30 hours. And it was hot, sticky and stinky as fuck in that thing.

That said, it’s still one of my favourite projects and pieces. I’m also stoked to have my work in the Dunn Residence and be apart of their beautiful art collection. The installation got so much buzz around Brisbane that it got picked up by The Australian Newspaper and a feature in their ‘Mansion Australia’ Magazine.

Big thanks once to Peter and Luisa for the trust and opportunity.

Elevator Shaft

The goal was to create an unexpected surprise when opening the external doors - and once inside, to create a unique and unpredictable experience to make people feel like they were going up to an art space. With the main entrance of the elevator located in garage, I took inspiration from the dark industrial vibe downstairs - with a darker monochromatic grey background before transitioning into different colours and designs as you move throughout the upper levels. Amongst the artwork are each of the family members names and a big heart at the top for Luisa. 


As the garage is under ground with an exposed open brick wall on the other side it was such a cool and fun canvas to work on - even with the damn pipes everywhere. “Never Stop” was inspired by Peter’s mantra and ‘The Vault’ was outside the gym.