'Sail Away With Me' Custom Skateboard

$99.99 AUD

This board has been designed with the blank banner with the intentions of customising each and every deck with any word/name of the buyers choosing (7 letters maximum). This said, the best, fastest and safest way to lodge your name/word is to leave it in the 'Notes' section at the checkout. Failing that, or if you forget, don't forget to contact me with your "word" via the 'Contact' page immediately after placing your order!

If you follow my instagram, you'll know there are moments where I am out of studio for weeks at a time. I'm sure you can understand the minor delay this can create in customising these boards, however I do stress that I am onto them the moment I am back - always!

Please note: Orders failing to contact me directly immediately after purchase may be sent out blank. I know it sucks and I'm sorry to be so blunt however due to a few slackers in the past and the lack of time, resources or hours in the day, I can't afford to be chasing this kind of thing up - I hope you can understand :)

100% Canadian Rock Maple
8.5 wide

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