Limited Edition Green 'Now or Never' Skate Deck


This board is a hand-painted piece of original artwork - and 1 of 25 in a one-off 'Now or Never' collection.

How and why are they one-off?

Because the decks on which they are painted on are not only Z-Flex (skate nerds will get it) - but no longer in production and have been unavailable for quite some time now ...and these are the last that I have in stock! (Yes ....I bulk bought when I found out they were being discontinued ha ha.)

While each board is on the same stock - each are completely different from the last - with both the design and background element. The background is entirely done by aerosol and the line-work was painted with brush, by hand. To finish, each board has been protected with a matt varnish and of-course, signed by artist.

And for those wondering, why they're half the price of my standard 1 of 1 boards is because I was not only able to set them all up and produce them as one limited body of work but also because my goal was to release and MAKE something new for my store - not hit send on an email and make something for my store. I also understand that $900+ isn't affordable for everyone I decided to offer them at half price to everyone.

Lastly, once gone, that is it!

Thank you all and sorry to everyone who will or have missed out.


• 100% Canadian Rock Maple skateboard
• Authentic Z-flex deck
• Hand signed by artist
• Hand numbered

9.5 wide

While we stand by our product and quality, we don't accept any responsibilities for breakages BUT we do accept photos of you ripping if you decide to skate these!