Commission Deposit

$100.00 AUD

The final step to creating your very own, 1 of 1 original Steen Jones piece!

If we have already discussed a commission and ready to go, and you are here to simply pay your deposit to secure your commission and make the project live - then simply order below and lodge as per discussed.

When placing order, can I please ask a favour and get you to leave something for reference in the notes section when checking out - this will help me find you faster and speed up the process :)

If we have not yet discussed a commission, but you are interested and would like to enquire about one, can I please be a pain and ask you to write to me either via or via the contact page prior to paying a deposit. Reason I ask is, once the deposit is paid, your commission will go live and your deposit is locked in.

Please note:
Once deposit is paid, your commission will go live in my calendar.
Once live, I will start the design and drafting process right away therefor, all deposits are final and non-refundable.

I know that sounds scary but it's really straight forward and simply a preventative security measure that I've had to introduce for peace of mind because of a few idiots. I hope you can understand :)

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