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What. A. Year.

I've sat here for a couple of minutes now, trying to think of the 'best way' to write this or the coolest way to package this up for you so it makes sense, articulates my thoughts and feels without being boring or waffling on..but like usual, I end up waffling for way too long sooooo decided to keep it short n' sweet!

Upon trying to think of a way to gift this 1 of 1 art piece in the fairest, most affordable and feasible way - accessible for ALL ...I think this raffle-style competition works best and fairest for all.

To the point;

$1 buys you: 1 x entry for the competition (you can enter as many times you like)

The WINNER will be drawn at random and digitally at Midday (AEST) on Tuesday the 17th of December.

The competition is open to both my Australian AND international friends!

All I ask is that you cover the shipping (Note: due to our competitive shipping rates - the cost would be nowhere near as bad as you would be expecting or accustomed too!)

Simple as that.

A little bit about the 1 of 1 piece;

This design was originally a watercolour painting, then digitally redrawn for use on a tee for Few and Far Collective, now immortalized onto toughened glass with beveled edges (ie. not sharp or dangerous!). You can see a larger version of it over here.

Being solid glass, you can imagine how difficult it is to photograph, so I can guarantee it looks even better in person and you will love it! 

Comes packaged in a reinforced wooden box, so can confidently be shipped anywhere at winners expense.

• Scanned from original watercolour painting
• Immortalized onto toughened glass
• Beveled edge detail
• Produced by Few and Far Studio.


....thank you and best of luck, amigo! Much love.