I never ‘officially’ released my collaboration with Death Before Decaf for personal reasons ...but it’s still one I'm proud of none the less, so it’s whatever.
I was commissioned to design and create a brand for their coffee shop. The collaboration covered just about everything - from designing and manufacturing the products and merchandise to designing and supplying custom packaging to go with each piece - even setting up little retail space within the cafe itself to physically sell it.
In addition to the physical collaboration, I was also to help Death Before Decaf create and establish a online presence. Not only did we design, build and launch a fully custom built, e-commerce website - we were also responsible for creating and curating all of the physical content for it.
The entire project was managed and executed by in-house creative studio, Few and Far Studio.

Design Process

Product Mocks

Stills From Shoot

Official Collaboration Video

Photography & Videography: Kurt Ian & Jaden Marc

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