My first time to Portugal and my first time with the honour and privilege of working and collaborating with the Sailor Jerry Rum Global Team.

So, for those reading this that either aren’t familiar with “Sailor Jerry” or haven’t followed me for long enough to know how much of an influence and inspiration this man has been to my career probbbbably won’t quite grasp how huge this was/is for me (it’s fine) …but I know for that sure everyone who does or has knows just how damn stoked and huge this was to me both personally and professionally.

For me, as an artist, being head-hunted is one of the best feels out there. It never gets old and always feels incredible ….especially when it’s for a brand or company that you personally love or respect. This said, this collab had it all. Not only did it include the aforementioned trip to Portugal and working in-closely with brand and industry big guns - this was only part of the collaboration.

I was first commissioned to design the official wallpaper for Sailor Jerry Rum - before hand-painting it with watercolours and finishing it off digitally. This wall paper was designed to have endless combinations for maximum versatility as it was intended for every Sailor Jerry event, worldwide. Later I would then have the honour of being the first external artist to officially collaborate with the clothing sector - which would be made exclusively for the brands close and favourite ones.

Best times …and for the the millionth time, big love to Chin Ru, Dave and the rest of the SJ family for the humbling support and opportunity once again - and for everything over the last few years.

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Photography: James Grant

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