Steen Jones x Sailor Jerry x NZ Tattoo Festival: "World's Biggest" Tattoo Flash (New Plymouth, NZ)

Steen Jones x Sailor Jerry: Panther (London)

Steen Jones x Sailor Jerry: MARCS Festival (Melbourne, VIC)

Converse: Emporium (Melbourne, VIC)

Steen Jones x Bonds: Underwear Launch (Bondi, NSW)

Doughnut Time (London)

Three Dice Tattoo (Auckland, NZ)

"Never Settle" (Queenstown, NZ)

Abandon Ship Bar (Scotland)

Few and Far Collective: "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" (Brisbane, QLD)

Deathproof (Brisbane, QLD)

HellBound: Misfits Blastover (Brisbane, QLD)

Steen Jones x Authority Creative: "PS. I Love You" (Parramatta, NSW)

Hello Sailor Café: "Smooth Sailing" (Melbourne, VIC)

General Pants (Bondi, NSW)

"Welcome to Bondi"

Steen Jones x Bonds: "By Aussies For Aussies" (Chermside, QLD)

Bagatelle (Switzerland)

Steen Jones x Alex Lehours: Noah's Backpackers (Bondi, NSW)

Converse: Chadstone Store Hoarding (Melbourne, VIC)

Victorious (Santa Monica, CA)

Steen Jones x Sailor Jerry: "Unstoppable" (Melbourne, VIC)

Cross Park (MacDonald, NSW)

Steen Jones x Deathproof x Tomcat Brisbane x Sailor Jerry (Brisbane, QLD)

NJF Wellness Centre (Sunshine Coast, QLD)

Pirate Life Brewing (Adelaide, SA)

The Fat Controller (Adelaide, SA)

Queen St Tattoo: "Eagle" (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Kiehl's HQ (Melbourne, VIC)

Little Rebel Coffee (Dromana, VIC)

Steen Jones x Sid Tapia x Pretty Shady: "Protect Your Skin" Backpackers (Bondi, NSW)

"Explore More" (Sydney, NSW)

Steen Jones x Pretty Shady: "Protect Your Skin" Broadwalk (Bondi, NSW)

iRenov8: Hoarding (Sydney, NSW)

"The Great Wave" (Perth, WA)

Alfred & Constance (Brisbane, QLD)

Bondi Rumba (Bondi, NSW)

Converse: Chadstone Store (Melbourne, VIC)

Fat Rupert's (Bondi, NSW)

"Hi From Bondi"

Queen St Tattoo: "Flash" (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Now or Never Supply: Ceiling (Bondi, NSW)

Uashmama HQ (Sydney, NSW)

Eastern Steez (Sydney, NSW)

Steen Jones x Meggs: "Year Of The Snake" (Melbourne, VIC)

D-Sharp Tattoos: "Till The Bitter End" (Melbourne, VIC)

Steen Jones x Sailor Jerry x Yellow Bird (Melbourne, VIC)

"Pali Adventures" (Los Angeles, CA)

Private Commission: Kate (Melbourne, VIC)

Private Commission: Marcus (Brunswick, VIC)

Private Commission: Lisa (Melbourne, VIC)

Few and Far Studio: Shipping Container (Brisbane, QLD)

Few and Far Studio: Door (Brisbane, QLD)