I've been a fan of the incredible 'Great Wave off Kanagawa' piece for as long as I can remember... and wanted to reference it for about the same. I've always wanted to visit Perth and all thanks to Michael and Honey, I was able to hit both birds with one stone!

Inspired by the flourishing tree and bushes that used to be there (I may or may not have made Michael trim them back for me), we went with green instead of the traditional blue colour and inspired by the original, I decided to finish the piece with a brush not with aerosol. Not only was it the first time I did my take on this classic and got to visit Perth... it was also the first time I've had to render a wall by hand prior to painting haha.

Thanks again for everything once again guys, I seriously can't thank you enough for the hospitality and good times!

Side note: Michael is a Creative Lawyer and I cannot recommend him and his expertise enough.

Location: Perth, WA