So truth be told, I never set out to create the ‘The biggest tattoo flash in the world’ ...and if the wall we originally had booked for the NZ Tattoo & Arts Festival didn't fall through then it simply wouldn't have happened. The trip was awfully closed to being cancelled it wasn't even funny which makes it all the much sweeter for me now looking back - especially since understanding that it's the biggest tattoo flash in the world which I think is pretty cool. Never did I think I'd do something like this when I started out so it's pretty cool.
That said, going big wasn't the original (second) plan either..
The dimensions I received was around 1/2 the wall (from the ship to around the eagle) ...but once I saw the wall, space and the personality of it (Might sound weird ...but I really liked how it went from big one end to small the other and had little step downs - which truth be told, inspired the design) and opportunity to GO BIG, I put it out there - and the rest is history (literally!).

Anyways, as we didn't prepare for anything of this size so was a pretty big ask in terms of getting it done within the allocated timeframe - and was only possible if I got some extra hands, worked big days and through the night - so it have happened without local artist Odjobs coming onboard either. We got it done on the 5th and final day if my memory serves me correctly. Lastly, and one last time, I wanna thank Brett, Sailor Jerry & New Plymouth council one last time for making this a reality. Very and forever grateful.

Location: New Plymouth, New Zealand

Photography & Videography: Ben D'ath

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