The second Chris (Authority Creative) mentioned that we should apply to paint the famous Bondi wall, the concept for the wall came to me.

'Hi from Bondi' was going to be our fresh and fun new take on the heavily over-saturated 'Greetings from...' postcard style design that I swear every city in the world has remixed ha ha. Heading into the busy summer, we went straight to work on the application - I worked on the art proposal while Chris attacked the application and before we knew it, we were standing there and about to start our 3rd collaboration together.

It was definitely one of those walls where everything just seemed to come together effortlessly and everything was on our side. Our 1st concept was approved, we were allocated one of the best spots possible (in my opinion), the weather was picture perfect and the wall was well received by both the locals and tourists more so than we ever could have anticipated...

The wall pretty much went viral within the first few hours - any #bondibeach hashtag was absolutely peppered and our #hifrombondi hashtag was off to a great organic start. Furthermore as fate, a bit of luck, our 'nothing to lose' attitude, a few calculated guesses and perhaps even some charm would have it, the wall was finished live for the intro of the then soon-to-be-released Bondi Ink TV show... which was nuts. I still can't believe that happened.

So the wall was done, it was a huge success, we knew it made the introduction to Bondi Ink which we were later told was airing to 5 MILLION (yes, MILLION) viewers and I survived the sunburn - all that was left was the execution of our tee - which Shannon and the boys at Aisle 6 absolutely nailed!!

That said, I just want to say another thank you everyone who stopped by and said hello, took a photo, hung out, brought us the essentials: water, sunscreen, cheeseburgers, ciders and made the weekend so damn rad - it was one for the memory bank and we're all so grateful.

Special thanks to Mark, Kristie and the Bondi Ink crew for the being so kind and giving us the opportunity - it still blows my mind!

You can see the original watercolour piece here.

Location: Bondi, NSW