...yes, it’s exactly what it looks like - I blasted over my own piece. Why? Because once I decided that Deathproof was no longer a healthy investment of my time, sanity and most importantly, my health - I decided the best way to end this potentially sad venture, experience and dream of mine, was to give-it-away and make someone else’s.

...yes, you read that right - I gave it away. And with the handover of the keys, I offered to do this for the owners to show them first-hand that I was no longer precious about my artwork and that I was serious about encouraging them to do what they wanted with my old & their new space - and live their dream & not mine. I was humbled by their love and respect with my work - so decided to paint over this for them (BIG Misfits fans) and do the main wall for them, too.

One year on, not only do I have not a single regret about abruptly ending the Brisbane Deathproof at the time I did (and the way I did) …but know that I dodged a few bullets of my own - and ultimately gave it to the right people (I interviewed about 10 different parties) as they’ve not only kept the space alive - but doing an amazing job of it. Check out HellBound here.

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Photography: Millie Tang

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