Another one of those “jobs” that it’s hard to believe I actually did. Never did I think I’d have the chance to work with Converse …let alone paint an actual store …let alone one in the beautiful Emporium Shopping Centre in the Melbourne CBD.
The installation was in conjunction with the launch of the new concept store and was such a cool and fun experience and one that I'll never forget and always be grateful for. The fish tank feeling sucked we had being squeezed in-between the wall and the glass wasn't so great but being able to paint with my girls for a couple of days was great - and with that I owe a big thank you Danielle Weber and Yas Vo for lending a hand and making it mucho fun.

Last but not least, I cannot mention Converse without paying love to the one and only Rachel for always believing in and always supporting me the way she has. At heart, I'm always a small town country kid that's always going to be incredibly grateful for this big opportunities.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Photography: Jai Morrow

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