Temporary Hoarding

Long story short, something went wrong with the build and Converse were unable to open their store as planned with the launch of 'Australia’s ‘Fashion Capital’ (aka Australia's biggest shopping centre) so the hoarding was a temporary solution and clever initiative by Converse to activate their space and capitalise on the hype and traffic -which worked perfectly. It was such a crazy couple of days & couldn't have done it without the help and extra hands from my girl, Danielle. As always, thanks again to Converse for trusting, the support & opportunity.

See below for official launch!

Converse Chadstone Grand Opening!

We made it! I remember going home after this project so damn stoked that I painted a Converse store ..and that it didn't get cancelled with the problems that they had. Was a great day and one I'll never forget. Thanks again Rach and Converse, as always, for support and opportunity! I love and appreciate you guys.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Photography: Neal Walters

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