Where to start? Ironically enough, I kinda want jump straight to the end and just thank Bonds for the amazing opportunity in the first place. This collaboration really was a monumental one in my career and that I’ll never forget - and still can’t believe that it happened… so yeah, much love to Kedda and Bonds for this opportunity.
Next, I have to thank EVERYONE that supported this collection. I really can’t put into words how this collaboration makes me feel looking back. It truly was as awesome as it was overwhelming to find that it not only blow away my own hopes and expectations - it did the same to Bonds as it completely sold out Australia-wide (in just over 2 weeks) much faster than they projected and anticipated. Furthermore, and to make it that much sweeter, it was Bonds fastest selling pieces to date. Madness.
That said, thank you so so so so much to everyone that grabbed a pair (or 4) and supported this collaboration!!!
Ok, with that out of the way I feel like I can go over and break down the collaboration and launch for you…

The Design Process

First things first, we had to design the collection - which was all designed, test-painted and vectorised in-house before sending it over to Bonds for the finishing touches before going into pre-production.

The Collection

As this was Bonds first ever external collab, there was some back and forth with ensuring both parties were happy prior to even going into pre-production (which was to be expected and appreciated) - which was worth every damn second because they all came out incredible. Photos don't do them justice. Bonds expertise and workmanship really did shine here and take the collaboration to another level.

The Shoot

It was time to head to Melbourne for the shoot. We shot the products, launch assets, campaign shots, BTS media and some one on one stuff with me. It was a pretty full on day given I was painting the ‘backdrop’ as quickly as I could in-between every look (which will make sense once you watch the videos) as well but so worth it as it was another cool detail, element and edge to the whole collaboration & launch.

Online Media Launch Assets

While the focus was on the physical products, there was alot of work to be done on the backend and digital assets to go with the collaboration and launch. Below is some screen grabs and look at some of the assets created and used for the campaign.
The campaign was pushed across all Bonds platforms, which covered their website, Facebook, Instagram and EDM.

Bonus Launch Assets

A last minute idea and little bonus for everyone - which were all free to download.

Bondi Beach In-Store Activation

With the collaboration officially launched online and in-stores Australia-wide, it was time to head to my local Bonds store (Bondi Beach) for the physical launch! And with this, I want to give additional credit to Bonds for really embracing the collaboration and going ‘all in’ like they do. It was such a cool and fun afternoon (and activation).
The window on the right was covered in a decal (which was both a great promo a media wall) and the window on the left I painted live during the event. Just inside the window on the left we had Sydney’s finest, Aisle 6 screen-printing (they were packed up by this time) exclusive tote bags and fine art prints living during the event.
Also inside (which you can’t really see) were all kinds of displays - from walls to mannequins - It was all super cool ..and unfortunately due to arriving a liiiittle bit late (Summer in Bondi is absolutely horrible traffic wise) I couldn’t and didn’t get any photos of the event prior to kicking of hence everything being all packed up in the photos. Anyways, you get the idea! Was badass! Thank you so much to everyone that came out!!!

Bonds Launch (Bondi Beach)

Truth be told, this component was never a part of the plan and was another‘last minute idea’ idea by Bonds - and another cool detail, element and edge to the whole collaboration.

As I was (for the most part) living in Bondi at the time and had painted this wall a couple of times prior, I knew the owners and luckily (and thankfully) able to get this signed off within a day - so I could paint it the next. It was the best way to wrap up the collaboration.

Photography: Robbie Tate & Millie Tang

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