Strike Bowling “High Rollers”

Never did I think I’d ever get to design my own bowling ball, let alone design a whole damn collaboration. Fun would be an understatement. I literally had the best time working with the Strike & Fun Lab team - and can confirm that they live up to their name and the hype! Scroll down to see the entire collaboration from concept to the official launch!


Once we had the designs sorted and final artwork signed off, it was time to mock the concept together to ensure it all worked and I everyone was happy before going into producing the samples. Below is the initial concepts of the“High Rollers” VIP Package - and you may or may not pick up, there was a last minute change of the ball colour as we felt white would work and‘age’ better.

Design Process

The Official Collection

With this collaboration being the first of it’s kind, there was no way we were going to release anything but the best. That said, there was plenty of test-printing and sampling before we got there - but we got there - and I couldn’t have been more stoked with the finished product! No effort or expense spared and would like to make a special thank you to Jax for her effort and determination when it came to this … because finding a company that could produce a bowling ball was hard enough … let alone something like what we did! The hard work, worked!!

Funlab HQ (Melbourne)

Once the collection was signed off and in production, it was time to get started on the marketing and launch collateral. So I went down to Melbourne to meet the team, get plannin’, paintin’ and slidin ’(literally) at Fun Lab HQ. The giant pins were to be used as part of the official launch.

"High Rollers is Coming" (Brisbane)

Brisbane Promo

Once the mural was done, it was time to head down to test and shoot the first lot of the promotional stuff. It was the best feeling to finally bowl (and beer) after months of hard work that’s for sure. Much fun was had with my team and Fun Lab.

Offical Launch (Melbourne)

It’s finally here! After almost a year of planning …and re-scheduling multiple times thanks to COVID, we finally made it - and it not only lived up to the hype, it exceeded all hopes and expectations! The private, VIP event was full and at capacity within minutes of opening - and was full until we (had) to close the doors hours and hours later. 

We kicked off the event with some live painting (finishing off some details of the pins) while everyone was organising their games, smashing all the delicious food and taking advantage of the Furphy Beer on tap! After the paint, I grabbed me some beer and joined the fun! 

That said, I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Jax and the Strike team for doing such an amazing job with this collaboration and launch - from start right the way through. No effort or expense was spared and you could tell and it was without a doubt, one of the best nights of my career ..and life!!

“Strike Bowling wanted to elevate the usual alley experience and inject some style into the classic red, black and white colour palette."It’s turned out to be such a cool (and bad-ass) collection," says artist Steen Jones."Truth be told, I don't think I've ever had so much interest, hype or excitement for a collaboration, which is another reason why this project has been so great to be a part of”

— Time Out Magazine

"Strike Bowling is always reinventing classic forms of entertainment, and the homegrown, newly designed bowling attire is something that most bowling alleys across the world have never tried before – a definite first in Australia."

— Sydney Unleashed

Unofficial Launch (Brisbane)

With the launch being in Melbourne and me from Brisbane, I pitched the idea to let me throw a little something in my hometown with some of my closet. Enough said… more fun was had. Thank you so much once again Jax & Strike for the royal treatment! We had a ball geddit