Sailor Jerry Wallpaper

I was commissioned by Sailor Jerry to design a ‘wallpaper’ as part of the new global branding.This branding was for marketing and activation assets - with global usage. 

In short, this means it not only had to be designed in a way whereas it was incredibly versatile both with design and appearance, it also meant that it had to be being designed in a format that it could be tweaked or adjusted by anyone - with the ability to scale up and down - and able to be used on anything and everything without compromising the overall artwork or appearance...

I had no idea where to even start with this - but of course I said something along the lines of FUCK YES. By saying ‘FUCK YES’ it meant that I was also invited to Sailor Jerry’s global team conference to paint live and ‘officially’ launch it!

Not only was this an incredible opportunity for myself and my career, it was the ‘first time’ that I would be meeting and working with the global team - and it was also my first time to Lisbon, Portugal! As it was the first time Sailor Jerry had done anything like this before, we decided to mark the official collaboration with another official collaboration - so in addition we designed some exclusive Steen Jones x Sailor Jerry merch for the team and VIP guests!

For those reading and that aren’t familiar with”Sailor Jerry” or simply haven’t followed me for long enough to know how much of an influence and inspiration this man has been to my career - to me, it really couldn’t have been a bigger opportunity or honour to be handpicked for something of this magnitude. Truth be told, it still feels surreal….

Design Process

I started with the typical ‘how the fuck am I going to do this’ moment and questioning my entire career choice before actually getting started. Once I had that out of the way, I got pen to paper - and figured out the way to approach it from the“how it has to be designed” standpoint.

Once I had a plan, It was time to work on the design. This was meant to be the easy part however as I was determined to design this with a classic look and feel of the“original artwork”, It meant that I had to physically paint the artworks first - before doing the digital work - which make it much harder. This not only meant I would have to essentially double handle everything, it really cut into the tight turn-a-round time. From memory, I had around 7 or so days from start to finish - meaning I had no time to waste. 

I started working on design selection for the 10x flash sheets(which would later be joined to create the continuous pattern/wallpaper). Once short-picked, it was time to lay and arrange the designs before line drawing and painting them all 1 by 1. I think all up, it took around 4 or so(long) days to get to this point. Once we had the original work completed, it was time to scan them in begin working on the digital work and final stage.

The Wallpaper

As you can now see, by arranging the artworks in the way that I did, I could connect all of the individual sheets together - without any showing any visible or obvious seems.

This allowed us to achieve the continuous look and with the endless combinations of 10x different and interchangeable sheets we had limitless layout options - in 7 different colour-way.

Wallpaper Uses

Here are some examples of the uses and things I had to consider when designing.

Promotional Uses

Do to the popularity and versatility of the collaboration, Sailor Jerry also decided to license the artwork for the below point of sale and marketing collateral.

Sailor Jerry Conference - Day 1

With the wallpaper designed, sent over and ready to rock n’ roll - it was time to head Lisbon to meet the team, get paintin’ and officially launch it!

Here’s a few shots from the live paint on opening day.

Sailor Jerry Conference - Closing Party

All good things must come to an end - and Sailor Jerry did not disappoint.They rented the most incredible beach house (mansion) Ericeira for the closing party.

The “house” was perched atop hill overlooking the beautiful and world-famous surf coast. It had a huge deck - which is where the event was - and in true Sailor Jerry style, there was an abundance of rum, a good crew, great music & tattoo’s goin’ down. It was the best way to wrap up a great week. This said, I was too busy enjoying myself to think about capturing it but here’s a few bits and pieces!