Deathproof Pop-Up (Helsinki)

It was my first time to Finland, my first time doing an international pop-up bar event and the first time an Australian bar had ever popped-up internationally - let alone 2. I was nervous, proud and so damn excited for this trip and these events!

Before we left, we had already designed the digital assets, pop-up signage, planned and designed the menu’s and had already made the exclusive Deathproof x Helsinki merch and a bunch of stuff that we made for the events and give-a-ways.

With everything in motion or completed, it was time to pack our bags (you know we smuggled across a bunch of specialty Australian liquor and products for the cocktails) and head over to Helsinki for the first event, Deathproof x Sailor Jerry ‘Rollin’ With The Punches’ event.

Before getting into the fun stuff, I’d like to take a moment to take a moment to thank Dave, Michael, Jyri, Timo and the rest of the Sailor Jerry global team for this incredible opportunity and hospitality - we had the absolute best time and forever grateful.

Rollin’ With The Punches

RWTP was the first stop. It was private event for all of the Sailor Jerry friends, family and influencers - with a kick-ass, punch-makin’ comp to boot! It was smack bang in middle of Helsinki ..but was weirdly completely tucked away in an old abandoned-style warehouse - which made it the perfect location for SJ Party.

The event kicked off with a live-paint by yours truly, a few Sailor Jerry’s and plenty of burgers. The‘ Rum Rude Boy’ stole the show with his arrival - but nothing new here. Gravy always arrives in some kind of style - however rollin’ with a fleet of old classics the way he did was something else tho. With the generals arrival, it was time to head inside, close the doors and kick off!

The RWTP punch makin’ comp kicked things off - with Deathproof’s own Millie Tang takin’ out the W! Once the comp was finished, the barbers, tattooing and live bands kicked off - and party started the rest is family business!

Deathproof x Groteske Takeover

With the RWTP a huge success and out of the way - it was time to focus on the main event! We popped up and took over the incredible outdoor bar at the prestigious, popular and beautiful Grotesk Bar. Coming from our small, dark dive-bar in Australia, it was quite surreal to see what was once our little idea and dream, set up and popping up in a beautiful outdoor terrace that was squeezed between and surrounded by beautiful buildings that were built hundreds of years before our country was even ‘founded’.

There was no way that we were just going to roll in and ”takeover” the bar without actually taking over the damn bar - so we completely rebranded the existing with our own (temporary) signage and branding. This immediately changed the entire look and vibe of the space.
Deathproof was here! 

With the venue set up it, it was time to get the staff dressed and trained with how to make the 4x specialty cocktails (miraculously and thankfully nothing broke in transit) before opening the doors and showing everyone how Deathproof do it.

It was so surreal. Big love and special thanks to everyone that came along, supported and celebrated with us - we felt the love and right at home!