Bonds “For Aussies By Aussies” Campaign

"The pursuit of passion takes courage, determination and a test of self-belief. For the next four weeks, we'll be celebrating the creative Aussies who are fearless in the pursuit of their soul-driven passions. The new and emerging Aussie talent who take on each day and make it their own. We've teamed up with four Aussies to follow them throughout their day from sunrise to sunset.

To help kick us off this new video series is Steen Jones, a freelance artist, founder of Few and Far Co the art-driven clothing brand and founder of Few & Far Studio the print house and creative powerhouse. As someone who lives and breathes his work, Steen Jones is a self-described‘ artist, adventurer, dreamer and achiever.”

…Thanks for the intro and opportunity Bonds!

Blows my mind still to think that I was on Bonds radar - let alone of 4 Australian artists picked for the “For Aussies, by Aussies” campaign! The campaign was broken down into 2 sections - 'A day in the life’ style shoot and a live-art installation at the Bonds store. The best part, due to the success of the campaign, it soon turned into an official collab with Bonds with designing and launching my own and official Bonds underwear collection …which was equally as crazy to me. It was a first for us both and turned out to be another huge success! Anywho, let’s kick the recap off with the official “For Aussies, by Aussies” campaign video.

Stills & Video From The Campaign

We started at my (then) home studio (fun fact: this is where I spent the first 20 years of my life) before heading into my bar, Deathproof for the painting element and final shots. On the way we stops and shots on the way to Crush City- which is my local paint spot. Once the “work” was done, It was time to grab a few drinks from the fridge and head one of my favourite spots for sunset for the closing shot.

Online Assets

One of the interviews for the online campaign/feature.

In-Store Launch

With the campaign launched and plenty of buzz online, it was time to head to the Bonds store in Chermside Shopping Centre to paint the window display for a day long, live art activation & Bonds Instagram takeover! It was such a crazy day. That said, I want to say big love and thank you to Daniel for the extra hands and everyone for coming down, hanging out, showing love and supporting the collection! I appreciate y'all!!