38 South

I had creative control & 5 days(and nights) to get it done.

The Front

As the mural out the front is located on the main coastal highway, I felt it was important to keep it classic and bold so it would be strong and pop out to all the traffic driving past.


With the front theme set, I decided to keep it throughout the venue. As the booth was visible from the street and a big and key part of the venue, I felt like it was important to keep this aligned with the front.

The Side

With the outside - completely different approach. With the front and inside finished and both‘clean’ looking - I felt it was the perfect place to mix it up a little bit - especially after seeing the furniture and fixtures from the venue. I had never done anything like this before so there definitely was some unknown going into it but knew that it would work out and really glad that I did.

 Photography by Oliver Dauncey 
Videography by Shot By Sadler