Rose Street Artists Markets

My first big wall.
This is a few years old and not my best work but it's a favourite and pivotal point in my career so will keep it to share and remember!

It all started with a little stretch of the truth so I could convince the boys/legends at the Markets to let me paint the huge 25x4m wall (with practically no experience ha ha).
The boys gave me permission and paid for the materials and in return, I gave it my all. Looking back now, If I didn't paint this iconic spot in Fitzroy, I'm not so sure everything would have panned out the way it has? I mean, I'm sure it would have one way or another but ...It was here I really felt the pressure to perform and where I really applied myself - It was also my second video and really wanted to do my absolute best so, I did it.

The wall turned out to be a huge success and quite iconic throughout not only Fitzroy but Melbourne as whole which was super cool and was frequently featured multiple publications from magazine to newspapers, even weddings and TV. Furthermore the boys loved it so much that they commissioned me to paint the entire front fence.

Thanks again and again Adam and Christian.

Location: Fitzroy, Melbourne.
Photo and Video Credit: Melissa Findley

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