Steen Jones 'Introduction' Video

This isn't my best, but it's the first mural that I really applied myself on and the first (of many) videos that my good friend Melissa made so thought I'd keep it here to share - and because it's still one of my favourites and a monumental point in my life and art career. 

I remember seeing the old graffiti (if you could even call it that) covered, dilapidated building on the busy St Georges Road in Brunswick (Victoria) and thought that was the perfect wall to teach myself the ropes in aerosol art.

After much thought, I decided the best way to approach it was to walk in confidently and approach the building owner with a handful of pre-drawn line drawings and with my trade background, I could not only restore the horrible, flaky paint but also transform the building into a landmark and deter the young kids tagging the building - Oh and that I was an experienced street art that had just moved down from QLD and was looking for a big wall to leave my mark... one of which was true ha. Lawry was sold and I said I'd forfeit any artist fee if he was to cover the scaffolding and all materials needed to for the job - and he couldn't jump at opportunity fast enough!

So I had the wall, now to repair and "paint" it...

I spent days and days repairing the lead paint building the best I knew how. I scrapped the whole damn thing with scrapper then buffed white for the perfect canvas!

I spent every minute I wasn't working my construction job working on the wall - most of which was at night till early morning in the middle of Winter... which if you know Melbourne, it was pretty ruthless but I was so excited I didn't care or want to stop. After the first few hours I began to understand and after the first week I knew the basics and was somewhat confident that I could actually paint it as I promised ha ha - 3 or so weeks later I was done and damn proud. Lawry was stoked too which meant I pulled the job off and now had my first wall to use to get the next and to start the chain reaction which I felt I needed to not only learn but to get more walls which would hopefully lead to work.

That said, I don't think it would have been as memorable or glorious as I remember it without the support of Melissa - she kept me feed and was there when I threw a tanty or wanted someone to talk to and of course made this video - which let me tell you was a big job because I definitely didn't paint as fast as it appears ha ha. I also owe a thank you (and apology) to Lawry for trusting me enough - I gave it my best as promised and just happy it worked out the way it did!

...5 years on and all it does it make me smile because I've had the best journey so far and can't wait to see where the next 5 take me.

Video Credit: Melissa Findley
Song Credit: "Swag Surf" by Lil Wayne

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