Whenever I think about this trip I kinda lock up have no words... just smile.... I just can't believe it happened!

I still can't believe that I was 1 of the of International Instagrammers invited to take part in New Zealand's 1st Instameet!

Not only was I going back on an adventure to Lake Wanaka (one of my favourite places in the world) I was doing it with with not only some of my favourite photographers and creatives I aspire, but also some of the best doing it on this planet! I'll never forget the fluctuating feelings I was having on the plane over there - One minute it was "Holy shit, I can't believe I'm going" and the next was "Holy shit, these guys are all incredible and I'm not even a "photographer" haha.  

The photos below are my favourites from the trip - some made my final 30, others were just favourites for whatever reason but I thought I'd share them anyway!

Lastly, I want to make another point of thanking the legends at Lake Wanaka Tourism for the incredible trip and making it so memorable for for giving me the opportunity to work and connect with the other guys – I learned so much and left more inspired than ever! That said I want to thank all of the guys involved too, couldn’t have picked a better bunch to spend 10 days with!

If you'd like to see more of the trip, two of the boys from the trip made some pretty mind-blowing video's that I highly recommend you check out.

Watch Chris Burkard's 'ON THE ROAD in New Zealand' video here.

Watch Matthew Vandeputte's '4K Hyperlapse' video here.

**All my photos below are square because they were all taken on my iPhone 5 - this is also why the quality isn't as crisp as the rest of my site.