Steen Jones x Hand of Mercy 'Resolve'

Being asked to paint a mural for the front cover of a band's CD (and booklet) wasn't something that I really thought even happened - or was possible (I mean, of course it was, but I'd never seen anything like it before or thought that I'd ever have the opportunity). That said, I was super pumped on this project and couldn't get started early enough! Not only was it a super cool and innovative idea, Hand of Mercy were really starting to blow up at the time and it was to be the cover of their much anticipated new release!

My brief entailed a much smaller mural and overall project, but given the what I feel is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I decided to go BIG (about 3 times bigger (6x15m) and really make something worth talking about.

We secured the perfect wall and everything was perfect... until I found out the weekend we had it booked was also going to be Melbourne's worst HEATWAVE in decades... Ugh. I survived (just) and glad I pushed on because it was by far one of the coolest projects that I had worked on yet!

Thanks again fellas.

You can watch me paint some of the piece in their new 'Desperate Measures' film clip here.

Location: Brunswick, Melbourne
Photo Credit: Callum Broom
Graphic Design: Patrick Galvin

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