Steen Jones x Broken Lock

Where to start? I can't believe we did it.

I always thought my skull would make the perfect skull ring, one that I always wanted and was searching for... and as fate would have it, I just so happen to be friends with one of the best independently run, handmade jewellers coming out of Australia so the initial make/prototype was a no brainer for us to create.

After seeing the first prototype, and by popular demand the collaboration was born. I had no idea (and still can't) believe that a simple appreciation and thank you post would spark that much interest, which we simply couldn't ignore. 

We decided to take the plunge and offer a single, limited edition run of the .925 Sterling Silver rings IF we could reach the 10 minimum needed for production (which we did within the first 10 minutes). We ended up making just over 30 of these and it still blows my mind because, quality aside, these weren't the cheapest on the market in comparison to other jewellers - especially with the way the online market is nowadays - which just made it that more special to both of us.

With that said, I want to say another big and special thank you to all the guys that grabbed one and supported this project - it was such a great spur of the moment collaboration that I'll always be grateful for. Forever thankful for the opportunity to work with Broken Lock, nothing but love and respect my man!


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