For those, a little less fortunate...

1 of 6 custom ply boards that I did for a personal fundraiser for the less fortunate kids in Uganda, Africa.

After catching up with one of my friends Melissa Findley and hearing about inspiring AND heartbreaking charity work...
I decided that even though I couldn't be there physically to help, I wanted to the best way I knew how.

My goal was to raise $2000USD for the non-profit orphanages in Uganda to help those less fortunate and beautiful children desperately in need.

The $2000 target was just enough to completely replace all the current broken wooden beds to a longer lasting materials and supplying each with a mosquito net (to help reduce chances of and help fight the life threatening Malaria disease) across 5 different non-profit orphanages across Africa through Orphfund.

And collectively, we did it in the first 24 hours. And combined with Melissa's, we raised $5000USD. 
I have no words, just thank you to the guys that dug deep and made this a reality and helped those a little less fortunate...

The photo's below were the photo's that inspired the action and Melissa's response when I asked if they liked the shirts we sent over with her :)

Materials: Acrylic (on ply)
Size: 1.2x1.2m

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